Sherry Soelter

Sherry Soelter Abilene, Kansas
Sherry Soelter.
Once upon a time, on March 19, 1925, in Topeka, KS, Clyde and Elsie Morris, brought a perfect baby girl into the world. They chose to name her Ruth Charlene, though this is not the name most of you will remember her by. Her parents were inspired by this success and went on to bring four more perfect children into the world: Phil, Clyde, Dale and Arlene. Only one, Clyde, will be greeting her on this leg of her journey.

At 14, she met little Bobby Soelter who, not long after, would grow up to be tall, dark, and handsome Robert Soelter. He would be her constant companion for her adventures over the next seven decades. Bob was the one who first nicknamed her "Sherry", as we know her. They continued the family tradition and brought three perfect children into the world, Eric, Michael, and Laura, who Bob and Sherry raised in Abilene.

While Sherry may have described herself as a housewife, anyone who knew her knows that this only brushes the surface. Cooking probably started as just part of the job description, but she soon transcended the basics of feeding her family and elevated her recipes to an art form for which she will fondly be remembered. Her creative nature also guided her to pursue many other art forms including pottery, textiles, and painting to name a few. In addition to creating art, she held a deep appreciation of the beauty in the world around her, including wild flowers, birds, and architecture.

Besides caring for her family, she cared for many people in the community, starting with her role as a troop leader for both the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, art teacher at St. Andrew's School, and volunteer for the Red Cross and Meals-on-Wheels. She continually expanded her involvement in the community throughout her life, going on to be a member of the Kansas and Dickinson County Arts Councils, Friends of the Library, and a supporter of the Great Plains Theater. She even reached out beyond her community, hosting participants in the People-to-People exchange and the Abilene-Minori Japanese Sister City Program.

Her full commitment to causes larger than herself shows in her dedication to learn foreign languages while traveling around the world and presenting herself gracefully to many different cultures, all the while, building lasting relationships. In summary, we know that Sherry will be missed not only by her family who love her very much, but by everyone she touched throughout her life.

For our part, we will send her off with a few words found by her oldest son ,Eric, for this occasion and three onions on a cocktail spear (carefully placed in a Ziplock bag) that we know she would never leave home without.

In another time's forgotten space, your eyes looked from your mother's face;
wildflower seed on the sand and stone, may the four winds blow her safely home.

A celebration of her life will be held 10:00 AM Saturday, May 14th, at the Eisenhower Park Rose Garden.


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